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DRIVE - A Comprehensive Driving Aid DVD

This Ultimate Driving DVD takes you through everything you need to know about driving and how to pass your test. Accredited by the Driver Instructors Association and Motor Schools Association.

Whether it´s changing gears or changing lanes, turning a corner or when to turn your lights on, it´s all on here. And, it´s not just for learner drivers either!

You can benefit if you are:

Trying to pass your driving test quickly and easily.
Learning to drive for the first time
A learner driver preparing for the driving test
A driving instructor
Learning the theory test
Wishing to gain a UK driving licence
Training to be a driving instructor
Preparing for an ´intensive´ or ´crash´ course in driving
Wish to learn safe driving techniques
Currently having driving lessons with a school

The ultimate Driving Lesson can help you improve, no matter how long you´ve been on the road. So, what are you waiting for? Pop it in your DVD player and let´s get motoring!

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