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Driving instructor training with Emanuals

If you are looking for a new career that offers flexible working hours with a good income, then you can train to become a driving instructor with Emanuals.

This is a 3 part process and can take anything from 3 months to 2 years, depending on your skill and commitment.

Part 1

This is a theory and hazard perception test, similar to that taken by learner drivers, but the pass marks required are much higher.

Part 2

The test of your driving skills and ability. About a 45 minute drive with a Supervising Examiner and the standard required is very high. We offer training on a one to one basis, to achieve this standard quickly.

Part 3

The test of your ability to teach learner drivers at all levels of ability, from beginner to experienced. This is known to be the toughest of all the tests, but again with the right training it needn't be that hard. We offer very high quality training on a one to one basis and pay as you go. You can take as much or as little training as you need. With the right training, you could be on the road as an ADI in weeks. The rewards of the job are many. Working for yourself or as part of a bigger organization, the benefits are there. Most ADI's will agree that the best part of this job is watching your pupils progress under your guidance and then pass their driving test, having gained an invaluable life skill.

Please contact us for more details. We suggest a 2 hour assessment of your driving is the best place to start. We will give a thorough and honest appraisal. If I don't think you have what it takes, I will tell you.

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